A La Carte Menu



Baked Chicken Assorted Pieces
$2.75 PP
Fried Chicken Assorted Pieces
$3.25 PP
Stuffed Chicken Breast
$6.95 PP
Boneless Skin on Breast Dusted with WPOD Spice—filled with Savory Herb Bread Stuffing—Topped with Signature Supreme Sauce
Marinated Chicken Breast
$6.95 PP
Boneless Chicken Breast Marinated in Your Choice of—
• Italian Seasoning
• Lemon Cream
—Then Grilled to Perfection!
Chicken Picatta
$6.95 PP
Crispy Fried Chicken Breast—with Our Signature Lemon Caper Sauce
Chicken Supreme
$6.95 PP
Crispy Fried Chicken Breast—with Our Signature Supreme Sauce
Chicken Romano
$7.25 PP
Parmesan & Egg Coated Chicken Breast Sautéed, Topped with Our Signature Lemon Cream Sauce.
Chicken Marsala
$7.25 PP
Boneless Chicken Breast Dusted in Flour—Sautéed with Our Signature Sweet & Creamy Marsala Sauce & Mushrooms.


Meatloaf 6oz.
$5.95 PP
Our Special Homemade Meatloaf Recipe with Traditional Brown Gravy
Stuffed Cabbage
$3.50 EACH
Old Fashion Goodness—baked with Our Signature Tomato Sauce
Beef Stroganoff 4oz.
$6.25 PP
Beef Stroganoff 6oz.
$8.75 PP
Tender Chunks of Beef & Mushrooms Slow Simmered in Our Signature Sour Cream Sauce served Over Tender Egg Noodles Sherried Roasted Beef Au Jus. Our Slow Cooked Top Round Crusted in Montreal Seasoning Rolled & Simmered in Rich Sherry Beef Au Jus.
Peppered Beef 4oz.
$6.75 PP
Our Special Pepper Cinnamon Crusted Beef Brisket, Marinated 24 hours Slow Roasted 6 hours in Our Special Tomato, Worcestershire & Garlic Marinade.
Flank Steak 4oz.
$6.75 PP
Tai Vinegarette Marinated Flank Steak—seared & Sliced Thin.


Rice Pilaf *
$2.75 PP
Macaroni and Cheese
$3.25 PP
Herb Roasted Red Skin Potatoes*
$3.25 PP
Quartered Red Skin Potatoes-- Coated in Herbs & Spices-- Roasted until Crisp on the Outside & Soft on the Inside.
Parslied New Potatoes
$3.25 PP
Petite New Red Potatoes-- with Parsely & Butter.
Mashed Potatoes
$3.25 PP
The Best Comfort Food! -- with Gravy.
Garlic Smashed Red Skin Potatoes
$3.25 PP
Homemade & Delicious-- with Gravy. Also available without Garlic.
Four Cheese Penne
$4.50 PP
Side Portion


Pineapple Glazed Ham Maple Glaze 4 OZ
$3.95 PP
Our Hand Carved Pit-Baked Ham with Sweet Pineapple


Available Upon Request & on Special Lenten Menu


Buttered Corn*
$2.50 PP
Glazed Carrots
$3.50 PP
Green Beans with Almonds*
$3.75 PP
Roma Vegetable Blend
$3.75 PP
Steamed Vegetable Blend
$3.75 PP
Brocolli, Caulliflower & Baby Carrots
Grilled Vegetable Blend
$4.25 PP
Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Red Onion, Red Peppers & Portabella Mushrooms-- Seasoned & Grilled.


Tossed Salad
$3.25 PP
with Italian & Ranch Dressing
Chopped Salad
$3.75 PP
with Italian & Ranch Dressing
Caesar Salad
$3.95 PP
with Caesar dressing -- Balsamic Vinagrette Available Upon Request


(Coffee & Tea Beverage Services include— Cups, Creamers, Sugars, Sweetener & Stirrers)

10 Cup Decaf Coffee
$19.50 BOX
10 Cup Regular Coffee
$19.50 BOX
Coffee (Cambro) (Min 50 Guests)
$1.50 PP*
Hot Tea (Cambro) (Min 50 Guests)
$1.50 PP*
Iced Tea (Cambro) (Min 50 Guests)
$1.50 PP*
Fruit Punch (Cambro) (Min 50 Guests)
$1.50 PP*
Bottled Juice—Orange or Apple
$2.25 PP*
Can of Soda
$1.50 PP*
Bottled Water
$1.95 PP*
Ice Tongs & Bowl
Bag of Ice

* Per Person
†Indicates item is available for last-minute orders
-Heart Healthy